I work as a performer, writer, director, producer and dramaturg, responsible for realising my own projects from conception to presentation since 2002. I make live performances, videos, objects, site-specific installations and books. My live works are philosophical and text-based; I borrow from theatrical, choreographic, literary, comedic and visual art languages to create a mode of contemporary performance that plays with form and pursues a narrative. I am interested in people, relationships and story first and foremost and how to use language simply to convey a hidden and modest complexity. I have been commissioned by both theatre and dance venues, and presented in both contexts internationally. My solo work has been shown in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, the US, Canada, France, Austria, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK and Belgium.

As a solo performance artist, I have spent many years investigating and being concerned with my relationship to the audience, and specifically, how do I talk to them, who is talking, what is my ‘voice’, what is the mode of performance. I have made several performances that played on a kind of autobiographical fiction (the fictional non-fictional representation of my self). Presence and absence of self have always played a keen part in my works, as does risk, vulnerability and intimacy. Often I use performance to reflect critically on its place in theatres, to examine power relations, and to consider the relevance and social function of art itself. The starting process is often a written text or idea imagined responding to a self-generated impulse to tell a story or explore a form.

I have been awarded an Australia Council Creative Australia Fellowship, a Mike Walsh Fellowship, an Australia Council Theatre Award Fellowship and a Sidney Myer Fellowship. As a 2016 Churchill Research Fellow, I directed my attention to socially engaged art and site-specific practices in Europe and North America and spent time with Artangel, the Ruhrtriennale, Mammalian Diving Reflex and NY-based artist Aaron Landsman. I have received residencies at Cité des Arts in Paris; USF and Carte Blanche in Bergen; The Chocolate Factory Theatre in NYC; Vooruit in Gent; Banff Centre for the Creative Arts in Canada; and Bundanon, Chunky Move, Arts House, Malthouse Theatre, MTC and Vitalstatistix in Australia. I hold a Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) from RMIT.

As a teacher and facilitator, I have led workshops in performance-making and writing for performance in Australia at the VCA, National Theatre School, Monash University and Back to Back Theatre; in Canada at Dawson’s College, St Catharine’s University, Intrepid Theatre and Simon Fraser University; in Ireland at Dublin Theatre Exchange for Dublin Theatre Festival; in Austria at Tanzquartier Wien; in Bergen at Bergen Dansesenter; and in Malmö at Skånes Dansteater. In 2019 I took the temporary position of Assistant Professor in time-based art at KMD, the art academy of the University of Bergen.

As a collaborator, I have worked consistently with choreographer Jo Lloyd, creating both performances for theatre contexts, as well as durational pieces for museums and art spaces: the National Gallery of Victoria International, West Space and Gertrude Contemporary. As a writer I have contributed text to the work of Tamara Saulwick (Public), Pan Pan (The Temple) and most recently authored the site-specific work, Passenger, for directors Ian Pidd and Jessica Wilson. As a performer I have worked with Tamara Saulwick (Public) and Ridiculusmus (The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland). As a dramaturg I have worked with choreographers Jo Lloyd (Confusion For Three), Luke George (Public Action, Erotic Dance) and Mirte Bogaert (And there is a chair). In 2016 I collaborated with illustrator Michael Fikaris on a comic book called Instruction Manual for Lonely Mountains and I am co-editor and co-curator of the Australian edition of Imagined Theatres, an online anthology of contributions by international performance artists and theorists created by Daniel Sack.