Working With Children

Text, Direction & Performance NICOLA GUNN
Artistic Collaborator POL HEYVAERT
Video Design NICK ROUX
Sound Design KELLY RYALL
Costume Design EUGYEENE TEH
Script Dramaturg JON HAYNES

Just imagine a woman who works with children. Now imagine a man who works with children. Imagine the woman who works with children has a secret that she’s incredibly ashamed of. Imagine the man is going through a messy divorce and his eldest child is depressed and talks about death and suicide. Imagine they’re both working with children at a school in a low-income area. Or maybe it doesn’t matter what the socio-economic demographic of the school is. Now imagine there are regulations in place to protect the children at this school from things considered inappropriate or transgressive, like dark emotions or the vulnerability of reality.

With a seductively subversive humour and disdain for convention, this show explores the moral and ethical complexity of working with children and other social taboos. With the artistic support of world-renowned Belgian arts centre CAMPO, Working With Children takes on the sometimes necessarily hypocritical lives of teachers, artists and regulators in an emotionally evocative and technologically inventive solo performance.

Premiering in Melbourne in August 2018.

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