Hello My Name Is

WINNER: PACT Experimental Theatre Award (Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2012)
WINNER: The Blue Room Theatre Judge’s Award for Original Theatrical Experience (2012)
NOMINATED: Green Room Award for Best Production (2012)

“Gunn’s quicksilver wit and the fearless eccentricity of her stage persona superimpose the tongue-in-cheek and the fearfully earnest in an utterly unique way… This is an uplifting and effortlessly clever show. Nicola Gunn is an extraordinary comic talent.”

Warm like a spring day and unexpectedly fun like a game of table tennis, Hello my name is is about getting to know you.

Set in a community centre, which is just a room we call a community centre, you are cast as a workshop participant and carefully led through a series of activities that chaotically and humorously describe how to have a conversation. Nicola Gunn is your volunteer team leader. Her mission: to change the world.

Part-personal confession, part-social commentary and part-trust exercise, Hello my name is creates a unique, playful and moving experience that immerses the audience in the action. Enter with an open mind, and this joyous and uplifting event will remind you how to engage with, and celebrate, each other and the act of living together.

We hope you can join us.

“When you wake up in the morning singing the first tune from the performance you saw the night before, you know it was a memorable experience. To say the least, this is exactly the impression Nicola Gunn’s shockingly unique and bravely quirky Hello my name is leaves on its audience… It is an ingeniously crafted and brave piece of work that offers an enduring experience.” AUSSIE THEATRE

Creation & Performance Nicola Gunn
Dramaturge David Woods
Production Design Nicola Gunn
Sound Design Nicola Gunn & Duane Morrison
Lighting Design Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist
Videographer & Photographer Pier Carthew

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