Super Imposition

Creation & Performance NICOLA GUNN and TAMARA SAULWICK

Super Imposition
 combines Nicola Gunn and Tamara Saulwick’s shared interest in text, sound, performance modalities, dramaturgical form and subjective content. The artists will be both creators and performers in the final work, which will be built around an extended game of truth or dare played out between the two performers, pitting their private selves up against their public selves.

With our collective disapproval of public ‘misbehaviour’ we are often wildly out of sync with what people actually do in private: our own moral boundaries are often so flexible. The performed game is a staged conversation that highlights an increasingly contentious area: what does the public have the right to know and who should decide? As each seeks to out-truth or out-dare the other, the game becomes highly personal. They dissect each other’s personal histories and experiences of the world to open the floodgates of introspection, moral inconsistency and hypocrisy.



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